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Sobatec GmbH is a medium-size company that manufactures machinery, plants, workshop equipment and special-purpose machines, subassemblies as well as serial and individual parts for industrial enterprises and the transportation sector. SOBAtec covers the entire range from planning through to after-sales servicing and is thus able to offer one-stop solutions.


What makes a medium-size company for special-purpose machinery different?


First and foremost the employees – their knowledge and skills, their experience and intuition, their commitment and motivation. They are the ones who give SOBAtec GmbH an image.


The present partners founded the company in 2000 and committed themselves to developing intelligent solutions for industry and in particular transportation and putting these developments to practical use. So far so good. This success story is based on trying to perfectly understand each customer's situation, finding creative and sometimes even stunning solutions to the relevant problem, manufacturing according to schedule and, last not least, simple hard work. After all, success never comes easily.


Of course, SOBAtec GmbH is keen to make progress and thus cooperates closely with application researchers. Consistently high quality standards and a strict management of design, manufacturing, service and administration costs are another must for the company.





The mill
– SOBAtec's emblem

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