Intelligent Solutions created by SOBAtec

SOBAtec GmbH has been developing, designing and manufacturing systems and machines since 2000. It combines modern construction, a wide range of practical experience, flexible production and extensive services.

Mechanical engineering for the maintenance of busses, trains and trams are the main part of our business activities at SOBAtec GmbH. SOBAtec GmbH offers a range of services for industrial maintenance not only of rail-bound locomotives and wagons, ranging from the development and manufacture of customer-specific equipment to the layout and installation of railway repair shops.

In addition, SOBAtec GmbH takes care of the maintenance, repair and modernization of existing systems.


  • Concepts / layouts / simulations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development / manufacturing of (prototypes, sample production and systems for prototype and sample production)
  • Planning and production documents / calculations
  • Technical drawings and documentation

Technology and programs

  • Auto CAD 
  • Mechanical 
  • Inventor 
  • SIEMENS SPS-coding 
  • CAD-Workstations

Production services

  • Machines, mudules and complete lines
  • Special machines (stainless steel / aluminum)
  • Precision parts (turned, milled, surface treated)
  • Welded components and assemblies

Machines and equipment

  • Cutting machines
  • Conventional processing machines
  • CNC – processing machines
  • Welding machines

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