SOBAtec offers individual services for efficient system operation in your workshops and factories.

The focus is on maximum system availability, optimal work processes and employee safety. SOBAtec has a strong service team that works onsite or remotely for customers.

SOBAtec offers the following services as individual services or as a package:

Maintenance and inspectionsn

e.g. annual inspection according to manufacturer specifications

Original spare parts

according to manufacturer quality standards

Maintenance contracts

Coordinated content for the optimal use of your system, e.g. spare parts packages, inspection budget, travel costs, remote maintenance, price guarantee over the contract period including cost security

Remote maintenance

Error analysis, software updates, process improvement, etc.

Reparaturen und Retrofits

e.g. repairs in the event of damage as well as retrofits in the form of software updates, technical modifications or extensions


To keep employees up to date. Training in technical changes, innovations, software updates, training in operational cases with the aim of increasing efficiency in maintenance processes and avoiding errors